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The Twisted Love of Food Addiction

Changing one thing changes everything!

Echo Pelster Is One of America's Most Sought Keynote Speakers  on the Topic of Food Addiction, She Personally Overcame Herself and Qualifies others to Achieve Overcoming Their Limiting Beliefs, She Teaches Audiences how to Gain Emotional Mastery and Live a Life of Spiritual Peace, Wisdom and Freedom,  She is A Top Selling Author, Professional Workshop Facilitator, Offering Group and Individual Coaching through Actionable Keynotes. 

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The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction

The Twisted Love of Food Addiction offers you personal skills to Untwist your life and you own eating habits. Available on Amazon or you can order a copy signed by the Author right Here!  As you become more aware and identify with the storyline of the book the author shares how her Yo-Yo life was affecting everything in her life and it was only when she could face the pain of her past then she could release the physical weight from her body. 

Where the Mind and Heart goes the Body Follows. 

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Releasing Your Pounds Of Pain

and Finding Emotional Freedom May be the most Important thing you ever do!

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It's Not Wh​at You Are Eating It's What Is Eating You.!

I teach people how to overcome elusive compulsive behaviors that manifest as a result of hurts, habits and hang-ups that have manifested in the form of unwanted behaviors such as overeating, drinking, procrastination, that are keeping you paralyzed from moving forward in life.

Through Individual and Group Coaching you will gain emotional mastery, overcome grief, live your life with better health, peace, abundance with spiritual wisdom and freedom on your terms with your values.

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How we do one thing is often how we do everything, how we change the way we think in one area of our life changes how we think about everything else, as a result we find freedom and balance.  Success & Abundance, and so much more, but none of that is possible without the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself. The truth does set us free, free from ourselves to overcome fear. The only prison we are in is the one we make for ourselves, but when we learn skills that blast every single fear in our life then we can do anything. So Get ready!

What if Your Weight is Not About the ​Food You Choose? What if it's really your past Hurts, Manifested Habits and Hang-ups? Are You Ready to Change Your Life? 

ECHO LAYMON PELSTER-As an International Speaker & Coach and CEO of ENNERCOURSE, with experience of over 50 years of being Obese,  I was the Yo-Yo Diet Expert, and I am here to tell you People do not fail diets, Diet's fail people. Your not just on track and off track for no reason at all, I am here to help.

I went through 2 Gastric Bypass surgeries' and still struggled keeping the weight off,  I finally realized it was not what I was Eating, But what was eating me!

When I finally discovered some absolute principles that not only helped me lose the regained 114 pounds I had gained after the second Bariatric Procedure, But find peace with Food, Myself and My World.

I work with those who:

Have You Spent Most of Your Life Overweight?

Struggling with one "diet" or another?

Feel like the food information is more like overload?

Dream of The Body Inside You Can't Reach?

Lost all of your weight through a diet or eating program just to gain it back and then some?

Had a Bariatric Surgery and didn't get the results you hoped, or maybe your gaining again? 

If you are ready to understand why you eat your ready for my private or group coaching or one of my self study programs or books.

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Echo Pelster Speaks​

It's Not What You Are Eating, It's What's Eating You.


Are you tired of saying to yourself, why did I do that?

Tired of the guilt?

​Hiding Out?


It's Time For a Change, Not a Diet, a Private Resolution. 

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Through Thick and Thin- Releasing The Pounds Of Pain

"When I had my first gastric bypass I thought I would be thin forever! Afterward my weight sky rocketed to 357.8 pounds. So what did I do?

I had another Bariatric Procedure, Insane Right?

The second time I lost 203 pounds, Made the local paper, only to gain back 114 pounds. I found myself stuck in shame, and hiding out.

Tired of the way You see you and can hardly accept the compliments of others.

When You Look in the mirror even though you have lost the weight you still see the fat You?

"When It came to dieting I had tried them all, including 2 bariatric procedures, and I will be the first to tell you that they saved my life but they didn't solve my problems. it wasn't until I realized that talking about it didn't make me crazy and it made me free, everything in the world that is negative happens in the dark, when I brought the truth to light, everything changed, keeping it a secret was an issue. I couldn't fix a secret."


Echo is an incredible living example of triumph over jaw-dropping adversity. I was at the Jack Canfield advanced training with her and heard her story. First of all, she is a fantastic speaker, workshop leader, and coach. Second of all, she is an inspiration for anyone that has experienced trauma, abuse, and other horrible life events. Echo is here on earth to remind us that we have the power to rise from the ashes of despair and soar to beautiful heights accomplishing our goals, whatever those goals might be. I highly recommend Echo as a speaker, coach, workshop leader, author, and all-around wonderful person.

Alaria Taylor WI,USA

Dear Echo, today is the beginning of an amazing journey for you and thousands of people that will be inspired by your story of courage, forgiveness, and inner freedom. Readers will realize that joy, possibilities, and success are also available to them, if they apply your self-empowering methodology. You have overcome some of the most painful experiences and turned them into a mission to help others live a more fulfilling life. You deserve to be blessed for speaking your truth to bring freedom and hope to others. From the moment I met you I knew you were born for something bigger and greater than your wildest dreams. This is your time my friend, I am happy for you. I celebrate you!

Laura Figueroa CA. USA

I highly recommend working with Echo Pelster for anyone who is struggle with obesity or weight challenges. She has a wealth of knowledge to pull from in order to understand and help her clients. It’s through her own personal journey struggling with obesity that has made her the powerhouse she is today. Its because of her story that she is passionate about helping others and getting to the root problem causing the weight struggles. She can guide you through your limiting beliefs about obesity in a way so that you can release your shame and blame, come to a place of understanding why your weight struggles are not what you may think, they go much deeper.

Echo blew my mind when she said “It’s not what you are eating, it’s what’s eating you! That will stick with me forever, Her program will change your life guaranteed, she has a gift to help you see what is really going on and where you are self sabotaging, how to overcome your limiting beliefs and get back in the game! Echo is a true gem and I am blessed to have met her.

Shawna Roch, Mindset and Sales Success Coach 

Black Diamond, Alberta Canada

Echo and her husband LaVern live in the Sandhill's of Nebraska with their dog Cash, Echo spends her time writing, and walking with Cash and Vern, when she is not traveling around the world speaking her powerful message. coaching, or teaching workshops.

Why Choose me? 

Because I have a lifetime of dealing with the real problem which isn't what do I eat or not eat, but how do I deal with life in a healthy way so I can always behave in a personally responsible conscious choice when I do eat and never allow fear and anxiety to control me again.